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Quick Overview of Congress

Quick Overview of Congress

Congress is an all encompassing legislative body that governs the United States. It is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate; it serves to make laws and grant authoritative power regarding important decisions regarding the United States. 

What is congress?
Congress is the bicameral legislative body used to govern the United States; it is comprised of the Senate and the House of Representatives. 

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is a larger informational institute that is open to the public to visit and browse volumes, but is essentially there to provide necessary resources of historical information for members of Congress, the Supreme Court, and various governmental bodies.

Library of Congress Catalog
The Library of Congress Catalog is an informational tool that is used to document and organize all of the resources that are in the Library of Congress. These are broken down into book selections and photos that have been filed away. 

111th Congress
111th Congress is the currently presiding body of Congress in the United States; the time frame for this body will be from January of 2009 to January of 2011. This group has dealt with issues regarding the economic crisis, and various other national problems. 

110th Congress
The 110th Congress was one of the congresses in session during the end of George W. Bush’s presidency. They dealt with issues regarding Iraq and war efforts. 

Congressional Districts
Congressional Districts are districts designated in each state, which are used as constituency points for the House of Representatives to gain members. Congressional districts are mapped out using Census results regarding population, and previous district lines. 

Congressional Hearings
Congressional hearings are meetings that are done in order to investigates or discuss certain areas regarding matters of operation in the United States. This can be used to help implement new policies or revise older ones. 

California Congressional Districts
Californian has the largest number of Congressional Districts; there are 53 congressional district representatives for the state of California, that are seated in the House of Representatives. This includes the current Speaker of the House. 

Congressional Federal Credit Union
The Congressional Federal Credit Union is a banking institution that was created for the sole purpose of helping those who are in congress. This can be for person banking matters, or for congressional committee banking. 

Congressional Reconstruction
Congressional reconstruction was an endeavor taken on in order to reshape Congress and to be able to restrict certain powers of officials, like the President, that would interfere with the progression of Congressional matters. 

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is an organization that is devoted to helping support the those who are in the House of Representatives. The head of the DCCC currently is the assistant to the Speaker of the House, and was appointed to that position. 
Congressional Research Service
The Congressional Research Service is a grouping of several organizations that work to bring pertinent and necessary information to the congressional committees. Information about legality, the economy, and references regarding historical documents, or endeavors. This is to help Congress make informed decisions. 
Congress of the People
The Congress of the People is a group that came out of the African National Congress; the Congress of the People is a group that is dedicated to preserving rights for Africans, and started because of an issue of contest regarding the appointment of the President of the ANC around 2008. 

Stamp Act Congress
The Stamp Act Congress was a organization devoted to the installation of powers of congress for the colonies, in order to make governmental decisions that would benefit their needs, instead of adhering to instruction from Parliament. 

Members of Congress
There are different types of members of congress; there are Senate members and House of Representative members. Each have their own criteria for the elected positions, and have high-ranking facilitator positions within the respective bodies. 

Bills in Congress
Bills in Congress are important policies that are created and voted on by Congress. Once they are passed in Congress, the bills move to the President of the U.S., the President has the ability to accept or veto these bills. The bills themselves can be issues of taxation, or can be relief efforts, and various other doctrines. 
Congress Approval Rating
The Congress Approval rating is an informal count done to see how the American public feels about the efficacy of Congress, and how they feel about what Congress has implemented. These opinions can be based off of informed research and following of the political government. 

Congress of Racial Equality

The Congress of Racial Equality was an organization that was integral during the Civil Rights movement. It was a non-violent political body devoted to the equal rights, job security, and the stopping discrimination. 

Congressional Term Limits
Congressional Term Limits referred to the number of terms in which an individual can serve in Congress, in the House of Representatives or the Senate, respectively. Currently there are no congressional term limits in place. 

How to Run for Congress
Running for congress requires backing from a political party, and subsequently a significant portion of the constituency one wishes to represent. This requires diligence, and networking, in order to acquire a platform to run on. 

National Congress of American Indians
The National Congress of American Indians is an organization devoted to informing the federal government of Indian relations, and preserving tribal sovereignty for each tribe. 

Congress of Industrial Organizations
The Congress of Industrial organizations was an organization devoted to helping alleviate issues regarding industries, and they way they were organized and operated. This particular group had a long road of opposition with the American Federation of Labor; however, the two groups eventually merged together. 
House of Representatives vs. Senate
The House of Representatives and the Senate are the two bodies that make up the United States Congress. These bodies are extremely important because their votes are brought up together to make important decisions and pass bills regarding the United States.