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Who Is Harry Reid

Who Is Harry Reid

Harry Reid is the Democratic Senator who was elected to represent the state of Nevada in the United States Senate. Senator Harry Reid has served in the Senate since 1986, when he was first elected. Since his initial election, Senator Reid has been repeatedly reelected by the residents of Nevada. In addition to being a senior member of Congress, Senator Reid has been named the Senate Majority Leader, a position that he has held since 2007.
Prior to being elected to serve as the Majority Leader, Senator Reid acted as the Minority Leader. He has held major positions within the Senate for a significant duration of time. As the Majority Leader, Senator Reid is responsible for overseeing the Democratic Senators, to ensure that they promote the interests of the Democratic Party and vote in ways that will uphold the interests and values of the Party. 
Before Senator Harry Reid was elected to serve on the U.S. Senate, he served on the U.S. House of Representatives. He also acted as Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor and Henderson City’s city attorney. In addition, Senator Reid served on the Nevada Assembly. Prior to his role as the Democratic Leader in the Senate, he served as the Democratic Whip.
He is an extremely influential figure in the United States Senate, and he is respected by both Republican Senators and Democratic Senators. He works to improve the state of Nevada and the country as a whole. He places primary importance on national defense, improving the economy, creating jobs, improving education and the child welfare system, investing in renewable energy, immigration reform, and improving the tax system.



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