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General Overview On Election Polls

General Overview On Election Polls

In the United States, general election polls will usually refer to two specific situations. Generally speaking, general election polls will usually refer to elections that are held in concordance to a specific and period schedule for appointing a candidate to a particular political office.
This definition will usually allude to the United States Presidential election, though it can also refer to any other particular election that coincides with this definition, such as the election of local or state government official. However, general election polls, at least in regards to the use of the term, will usually refer to the Presidential Election, or to elections of members for the Congress. 
These type of political polls will occur in accordance to the standards and statutes of United States Law. The scheduling in which these political polls occur has been set forth and predetermined in statute, such as Presidential Elections occurring every four years and the election of members of the House of Representatives occurring every two years. General election polls also require that a particular candidate receive the majority of the votes cast in order to assume and be elected to that specific position or office. 
General election polls are often referred to as such in order to distinguish a particular election from primary elections regarding the same position or office. Usually, primary elections are held prior to general election polls, in which the candidates from the various political parties are chosen to become candidates for the general election. 



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