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What Are Polls

What Are Polls
Polls can refer to various things, though in terms of the law, a poll will usually entail a particular method in which to conduct a head count, such as in the voting of officials. In such a case, voting polls can be conducted for various reasons within the realm of administrative law. Voting polls can be said to be democracy in action, for it allows for groups of people to make a decision on a particular issue, such as the election of officials in government or in regards to passing or approving legislation. A voting poll allows for the people to have a say in the decision of approving or disapproving a particular issue or action.

However, the term ‘poll’ can have various applications in governmental setting as well. A poll can also refer to the actual number of votes that are cast or reported. A poll can also refer to the actual place or location where the votes are to be cast or registered. In certain situations, a poll can entail in administering of a survey in order to collect information regarding public opinion or to gather information on a particular topic. In politics, a common poll would be the Presidential Approval Ratings, where the American public cast their opinion in regards to how the President is doing in his position as leader of the United States.



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