Puerto Rico Disability Benefits

Puerto Rico Disability Benefits

Puerto Rico Disability Benefits


Guide to Puerto Rico Disability Benefits

If you become disabled in Puerto Rico, you may be eligible for several different types of PR disability benefits.  Understanding which Puerto Rico disability benefits you may be entitled to can help you decide what to research next and what kind of legal assistance your situation may require.  This guide will give you only a basic overview of PR disability benefits—for more specific information or for advice on your specific legal situation, you will need to consult with a Puerto Rico disability attorney.

Puerto Rico Disability Benefits Through Workers' Compensation

If you were injured while on the job, you may be eligible for workers compensation benefits.  This type of PR disability benefit applies to all workers, including agricultural workers and sharecroppers.  Employers are required to purchase workers compensation insurance coverage, including Puerto Rico disability coverage for both permanent and temporary disabilities, for all employees.

You may obtain PR disability benefits through workers compensation regardless of whether it was your company's fault or not.  Even if you caused the accident that hurt you, as long as it was not deliberate or reckless (or caused by illegal drugs) your company will be required to provide you with Puerto Rico disability compensation.  You may receive this type of PR disability benefit whether you are disabled temporarily or permanently.

Puerto Rico Disability Benefits Through Social Security

If you are not injured at work, you will not qualify for PR disability benefits through workers compensation.  However, you may still be able to obtain Puerto Rico disability compensation through the federal Social Security program.  If you have worked a sufficient number of hours and for sufficient wages, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance if you become permanently and totally disabled.  You will need to show that your disability is expected to continue for at least one year if you receive benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance system.

Even people who have not worked a sufficient amount of time to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  In order to receive SSI, you will need to prove that you are permanently and totally disabled and that you meet income and asset guidelines.  If you qualify for SSDI or SSI PR disability benefits, you will also qualify for Medicare and subsidized housing assistance.  Talking to a Puerto Rico disability attorney can help you decide what benefits to apply for based on your unique situation.

Puerto Rico Disability Benefits Through Private Insurance

Because it is possible to “slip through the cracks” of PR disability coverage, and because SSI/SSDI pay a very limited amount to beneficiaries, some people prefer to be covered by private disability insurance.  Some employers pay for private Puerto Rico disability coverage as part of your benefits package.  If you have a contract for this type of insurance, you can understand your benefits better by talking to your insurance agent or reading your documentation.  A Puerto Rico disability attorney may be able to assist you if your insurance company denies your benefits unfairly.





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