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Electoral Votes 2008

Electoral Votes 2008
The electoral college is the formal body that votes for the President and the Vice President of the United States. This body is made up of elected officials; the officials often promise to vote for one particular party or candidate, but ultimately they are allowed to pick whichever candidate they feel would be the best person for the job.

In the United States there has been for always 40 years a standard in which there have been 538 members of the electoral college. These members are broken down into different numbers of representatives from each state. For example the states of Vermont, Alaska, and Wyoming each has three electoral college votes done by their respective electors. Georgia, New Jersey, and North Carolina were each given 15 electors and subsequently 15 electoral college votes. The state with the most electoral college votes was California with 55.

The electoral college votes are the second grouping of votes done during an election. When the 2008 election came around, most of the nation was focused on the popular votes; these are the votes in which the public did; the ones that were updated every few minutes throughout the night. While this was going on, the electoral votes 2008 were being done. The electoral votes 2008 were the votes that officially elected the President and Vice President of the United States. Overall, electoral college votes are extremely important when it comes to choosing the future figureheads of the United States.



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