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Swing Vote Defined

Swing Vote Defined
Swing votes are one of the most sought after votes during electoral times. A swing vote is a vote that any candidate can be eligible for during an election. In regards to a two party system, this is where a vote can go to either one of the candidates of either party.

The reason a swing vote is sought out is because these votes are usually indicative of which side or candidate is going to win the electoral position that they are up for. Swing votes can come from individuals who are not affiliated with a specific party yet; often these are individuals who are considered first time voters.

However, swing votes can come from individuals who are affiliated with one party but vote for another. This happened during the election of Bill Clinton; Clinton, a democrat, had a following of swing voters often referred to as the “Conservatives” for Clinton. A majority of these individuals were Republican affiliated individuals who voted for the Democrat, Clinton, during the election.

When it comes to campaigning, the swing vote is one of the most powerful sells that an politician can do. Often, swing votes help to give one individual an edge during an election. These are considered to be some of the most powerful tools regarding election time.

In regards the United States, the traditional Democratic and Republican parties can be impacted by a larger base of swing votes, that can end up being geared towards an independent party that has risen to prominence.