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What Are Voting Booth

What Are Voting Booth
One of the most important things to ensure during an election is that the secrecy of the ballot and the privacy of an voter’s time voting is not infringed upon. In order to ensure the secrecy and privacy of voting, often public locations hosting an election and voting night will have a voting booth or a voting machine. A voting booth is a booth that can be enclosed from all sides, and is where the actual voting occurs.

The most common type of voting booth around is one that has three hard walls, and has a curtain for entry. These are almost always temporary booths, and can be brought to a public location in large quantities. There, a voter can get into the booth and cast the vote without having to worry about others being able to see who they pick. The actual voting system within a voting booth varies.

A voting booth can have a table where a voter can mark on a paper ballot and the deposit it. This is a common type of voting procedure. However, there are also voting machines that are used in these voting booths as well. A voting machine takes the information of an individual, and records the vote as well. This ensures that no one else can find out who the voter voted for. In many cases, these types of machines also have a clear security cover on top of the screen, in order to obstruct the information for others who could potentially see it.



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