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Senate Vote Facts Overview

Senate Vote Facts Overview

The Senate is one of the houses that fall under the governing body of Congress.  Senate votes are important when it comes to passing bills and granting various powers through a legislative procedure. When it comes to senate votes, each senator is allowed one vote on a respective issue. Often if the body cannot reach a majority vote or if a division is called, a re-vote can be done. 
A senate vote comes around during times when bills are being brought to Congress in order to get passed and become pieces of legislation. Various bills come through to Congress in response to disasters that have happened in and outside of the United States, as well as bills regarding issues that affect a fair number of citizens. When a senate vote occurs, this is because the bill has been looked over, and is in proper condition for a vote. Recent votes in the Senate‚Äôs past are for Haiti relief funds, cash for clunkers, and various other bills. 
One important thing regarding the Senate and voting is Senate voting records. Senate voting records are meticulously kept in order to refer back to and for public record. This is a way that the American public can see how their senators are voting, and can address them if they desire a change. Senate voting records can be found through government websites, and have comprehensive information. The bills passed by the Senate, and subsequently congress affect a number of individuals the United States.



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