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House of Representatives vs. Senate

House of Representatives vs. Senate

Congress is the bicameral, governing legislative body of the United States. It is comprised of the House of Representatives and the Senate. These two bodies are groups of elected officials that come together to make decisions regarding important legislative bills and policies that affect a large portion, if not the entirety of the public of the United States.

The Senate is considered to be the more prestigious body, out of Congress; it is made up of 2 senators per every state of the United States. These senators are required to serve 6 year terms.Furthermore, the individual must be a resident of the state they wish to represent. The Senate is one body that helps to create and pass bills in order to implement programs and acts which regulate the United States. They also can help pass amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The House of Representatives is made up of a number of elected officials from each state in the United States. The number of House Representatives is contingent upon how many districts a particular state has been given. However, when it comes to terms, the members of the House of Representatives are only required to serve two year terms before re-election. They are also the individuals that work more closely with their constituency.

The Senate and the House of Representatives come together to vote on bills, amendments, and discuss important issues regarding the status of the United States. Furthermore, they are the governing bodies that have control over military, taxes, and various other important elements in the Nation.