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What You Need to Know About The Library of Congress

What You Need to Know About The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the United States oldest and largest library in the nation. It is located in Washington D.C. and it is broken up into a few different buildings. Technically, the library of congress is open to the public as a place for visitation, research, browsing, and various other activities. However, visitors to the library of congress are not allowed to take check out any books from there. That privilege is reserved for the Senators, House Representatives, Supreme Court Justices, and other specified officials of the United States government.

The primary use of library of congress is to look up inquiries that are requested by the members of congress or Supreme Court justices. These inquires go to the head librarian of congress who either researches the specific inquiries themselves, or they delegate the task down to a research state in order to find the information that is necessary.

Often the congressional officials will request the library staff to do the research because of library of congress classification system. This is a system that was created in order to organize the library of congress. Library of congress classification is something that the research professionals are trained in when they were hired by the library. Often, library of congress subject headings are the most looked for and utilized tools, to help find specific information or artifacts that might have been saved for reference at a later date. 

Overall, the library of congress is an informational epicenter regarding history, law, government, and every other aspect necessary for understanding the progression of the United States and it’s relationship to the rest of the world.