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Congress Approval Rating At A Glance

Congress Approval Rating At A Glance

Congress is the most important governing body in the United States; this is a body that makes decisions regarding finances, military, jobs, property, taxes, and everything that is necessary in the United States. However, one can surmise that Congress often comes under serious criticism by the American public, because of the bills that are passed, and because of the time that it takes for important issues to be taken care of.

One area that is often used to judge the effectiveness of congress, in the eyes of the nation is a Congress approval rating score. These are found through various political and social medias. Congress approval rating score has been in a serious decline over the recent years. However, congress has tried to make their decisions, votes, information, and future endeavors more accessible to the American public, in order to keep them better informed; this is what is considered to be an open congress.

Though the United States is moving towards an open congress, which makes all information regarding Congress accessible, it still leaves substantial room for issues regarding decisions and policies that are moved through congressional committees, brought to the floor, and even brought to the President.

In most recent studies, the overall Congress approval rating has dropped 17%; this has put Congress as one of the lowest ranking institutions regarding the faith of the American public. Overall, Congress approval rating fluctuates depending on what issues is surfacing in the United States, and by what congress takes as priority.