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General Overview On Republican Senators

General Overview On Republican Senators

As of 2010, the Democratic Party controlled the United States Senate, while the Republican Party was the Minority Party within the Senate. Throughout history, control of the Senate has bounced back and forth between the Republican Party and Democratic Party, and though the Democratic Party is currently the Majority Party, this can easily change after a Senate election, which occurs every two years. There are fewer Republican US Senators within the Senate than there are Democratic Senators, making the Republican Party the Minority Party.
Nevertheless, the Republican Senators fight to ensure that the interests of the Republican Party are represented within the Senate. These Senators are responsible for upholding the values of the Republican Party, though they face a number of challenges achieving this as the current Minority Party.
There are currently 41 Republican Senators serving on the United States Senate. These Senators have been elected to represent many different states. For example, the state of Alabama has elected two Republican Senators: Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions. Georgia selected Republican Saxby Chambliss and Republican Johnny Isakson to represent the state. The states of Kansas and Kentucky have also elected Republican Senators.
Other states that have selected Republicans to serve of the Senate include Maine, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. The current Senate Minority leader is Republican Mitch McConnell, from the state of Kentucky. Jon Kyl, the Republican Senator from Arizona has acquired the position of Senate Minority Whip. Republican Senators from Texas, South Dakota, and Wyoming also hold important office positions.



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