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Who Is George Voinovich

Who Is George Voinovich

George Voinovich was elected by residents of Ohio to represent the state in the Senate. Senator Voinovich is a Republican Senator. He has gained a significant amount of experience serving the state of Ohio, as, prior to being elected as the state Senator, Voinovich acted as the Governor of Ohio and the mayor of Cleveland.
Senator Voinovich has experience addressing economic concerns, and therefore, one of his primary areas of interest in the state of the economy and effective ways to improve the economy. For example, in 2007, Senator Voinovich created the Mortgage Relief Act. This legislation was the first attempt at addressing the mortgage crisis and foreclosure epidemic that was plaguing the country. In addition, he produced the Intellectual Property Enforcement Act, which was instated in 2008. 
Senator Voinovich was one of the first individuals to take action against the declining economy. He often presents aggressive methods of addressing serious complications. In addition to addressing the credit crisis, Senator Voinovich is also concerned with expanding the job market and creating new jobs for unemployed individuals. He also promotes energy independence, affordable health care programs, and improved education systems for children.
He works to decrease government spending and diminish the national deficit. Senator Voinovich seeks to improve national defense and amplify the nation’s security. The Ohio Senator was reelected by the residents of Ohio following his initial term. Once his current term expires, the Senator plans to retire form the Senate. 



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