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A medicaid insurance policy is a Federal program that is run and administered by the states. In Georgia, medicaid is offered to citizens who qualify through the Department of Community Health. In the state of Georgia, the Department of Community Health is the primary planning agency for all health plans and issues in the state.

As a result of this function, the Department is responsible for providing GA medicaid through its subdivision of Medical Assistance. GA medicaid is a financial assistance program; for those who are eligible the program offers benefits to discount medical costs associated with an insurance policy.

To qualify for GA medicaid an individual must meet criteria that is regulated by the state. In Georgia, there are over 20 distinct medicaid programs; each program possesses its own unique eligibility requirements. Each class of GA medicaid is determined by a person's living arrangement, the type and amount of income, their marital status, and any prior obtainment of government assistance.

Although the classes contain different eligibility requirements, the generic requirements issued by the state are the following: individual must be totally disabled, over 65, blind, or possess an income below the federal poverty line.

In addition the applicant must also be a resident of Georgia, a US citizen, and meet various income and asset requirements. GA medicaid is unique when compared to other states because the program is usually offered to the elderly. Although income is the predominant factor for obtaining benefits, GA medicaid programs typically extend benefits to those individuals over 65 years of age.