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Medicaid is a government run agency responsible for offering medical insurance and service to impoverished or disabled individuals. The program is able to provide resources to these citizens through a dual funding system between the United States federal government and the various state  governments.

Although funding is split, the policies, qualification requirements, and intricacies involved with each program vary by individual state. As a result of this state run status, the requirements to receive Medicaid in New York for example, would be different when compared to the requirements of another state.

If a citizen living in New York State lacks health insurance because of an inability to pay or a debilitating impediment then he or she may qualify for NYS Medicaid. There are three primary guidelines to receive New York Medicaid, however, the only way to ensure a proper review of an application is through contacting a New York Medicaid office. 

When applying for New York Medicaid it is first important to pinpoint the person applying; are you a pregnant, are you applying for a child, a  disabled individual, or for instance, a blind man over the age of 65. NYS Medicaid will cover all of the aforementioned individuals so long as they possess a low income and limited resources. 

The next step in applying for NYS Medicaid is to calculate your income and figure out if it meets the guidelines set by the state's Medicaid program. The income and resources cap are determined through an evaluation of the individuals gross monthly income and by the number of people in the particular household. Income and resource requirements will be weighted heavily for applications that do not involve an elderly or disabled individual.

Once this information has been tabulated, the applicant must then gather the following documentation to being the application: proof of U.S. citizenship, birth certificate, income report, list of other government benefits received, and list of debts. Once these documents are obtained an individual may submit his application online or at any  Medicare office in the state.